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  • The Best Places to Drive in North America

    Best Places to Drive in North America

    Truck drivers, especially long haul drivers, have the unique opportunity to visit almost every part of North America throughout their careers. Name a city and they will tell you the shortest route and where to stop for the best burger. Company President Mark Sorrey has the freaky ability of calculating the miles between two cities […]

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  • Cross-Border Shipments

    Cross Border Shipments

    Anyone who has ever crossed an international boundary knows that it can be a challenge just getting yourself into the country, let alone a full truckload of cargo. It can also be very simple and straight forward. Having proper documentation and abiding by the laws of the country you are exporting items to, are the […]

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  • Firefighters Without Borders

    Recently IMT had the privilege of working with Firefighters Without Borders (FWB) Canada, which is a registered charity operating out of British Columbia. FWB offers support to emergency service organizations in countries with a demonstrated need. Most often these are developing countries without the proper infrastructure necessary to respond to the fallout from volcanoes, earthquakes, […]

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  • Over Dimensional Freight Transport

    Over Dimensional Freight vs Heavy Haul Transport   While our specialty is transporting high-value cargo for the aerospace industry, we also have the opportunity to transport a wide variety of over dimensional freight.   You will often hear the “Heavy Haul” buzzword in the industry, but we want to make a clear distinction between a […]

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  • Trucking History

    Mack Truck

    In the age of GPS, air ride suspension and microwaves in the cab, we decided to take a nostalgic look back at the humble beginnings of the trucking industry. While freight transportation dates back thousands of years, for our purposes we decided to interview our resident trucking expert and operations manager, David Lush. With over […]

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  • Top 8 Trucker Pet Peeves

    Disclaimer* While this article is meant to poke a little fun at the operators of passenger vehicles, we have all seen truckers pulling rookie moves on the road as well. It is one of the reasons why IMT has a strict selection process that requires a minimum of 10 years’ experience with heavy haul or […]

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