CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Road Transport

  • CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Road Transport

    IMT is excited to announce the inception of our CH-47 Chinook helicopter road transport service! This twin engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter is a workhorse of the US military since the 1960’s. The Chinook derives its name from the Native American Chinook people and its many variants are used by 16 nations around the world.

    This versatile aircraft is world-renown for its massive lifting capacity via triple external hooks and its large interior cargo space. The main cabin can hold up to 33 fully-equipped troops or 24 stretchers for medical evacuations. In addition to the military, this aircraft is also used for many commercial heavy-lift applications and fire suppression operations across the country.

    CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Road Transport

    As with any helicopter, if it flies we are going to put it on a truck and transport over the road at some point!

    IMT’s CH-47 Chinook road transport system features two custom fabricated landing gear securement stands. These rugged stands were built with a 4-1 safety margin (rated for 50 tons) and can easily carry a fully intact Chinook at approximately 25,000 lbs.  

    CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Transport

    Our custom built Heli-Trailers feature a low 18” deck height to handle the height of such a large aircraft. These trailers expand an additional 20’ and are ideal for hauling large helicopters, such as the Chinook, Black Hawks, S-92’s and Pumas.

    The aircraft is loaded facing the rear, so the front of the helicopter sits just over the rear deck of the trailer. The benefit of our securement system is that the rear of the helicopter is elevated approximately 8” higher than the front. Since the nose of the aircraft sits higher, this action brings the nose down and the aircraft is effectively level during transport.

    Chinook helicopter ground transport

    The height of this particular aircraft is 13’6” using our CH-47 Chinook helicopter road transport system, this is legal height in all US states and Canadian provinces. This aircraft is of course dismantled for road transport, with both masts and engines removed. However, utilizing our system CH-47 Chinook helicopter road transport system, customers could easily add to the overall height by leaving certain components intact.

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