AOG Logistics – Aircraft Engines and Component Transport

Working with IMTUSA means maximizing cost savings, minimizing operational downtime, and ensuring every single one of your assets is transported safely and efficiently.

The difference between IMTUSA and any other logistics company is an unmatched level of service combined with the expertise and experience necessary to transport a variety of oversized and over weight machines. We focus exclusively on high value shipments that can be extremely sensitive to movement and debris on the road. As a result we have developed an expert team of drivers, along with systems and processes that have enabled us to successfully cover over 60 million miles without an insurance claim.


International Machine Transport USA Differences:

Seamless Integration

Aircraft maintenance engineers trust how seamlessly IMTUSA is able to integrate into their maintenance schedules. We work as an extension of your operations to ensure minimal downtime and just-in-time delivery of critical components. IMTUSA has extensive experience working with large airlines and complicated maintenance schedules.


Experienced Drivers

VPs and CEOs of major North American companies have confidence in IMTUSA’s own specialized team, which include AMEs, who work tirelessly before, during, and after the transport process to make certain your assets make it to its destination safe, sound, and on time.


24/7/365 Service

IMTUSA is available through our 24 hour toll-free number for any AOG event or emergency situation. IMTUSA has been relied upon by military branches, defence contractors and large airlines for emergency transportation across North America.

Learn why some of North America’s top aerospace companies trust IMTUSA to transport their most valuable assets. Speak to a representative either toll free at
1-800-665-7077 or Request an Estimate today!