Oversized Machine Transport Services

Oversized Machine Transport Services

IMTUSA provides a proven oversized transport services for standard non-reducible and extra-ordinary cargo. Oversized loads require planning, strategy and attention to detail. Often we will arrange an on-site meeting to plan and engineer a custom solution for over-height, over-width or over-weight loads. Long before the shipment is loaded onto the truck, we have established routing, travel requests and dimension verification to ensure your high-value cargo gets there smoothly and without incident. 

IMTUSA's oversized transport services are relied upon by large multi-national corporations and smaller operators alike. Every piece of cargo is crucial to the owner and deserves the same care and attention given to priceless artifacts. IMTUSA's care and attention to detail ensure your oversized loads are protected even when not on the road. IMTUSA drivers are trained to plan their route in advance, which includes identifying ideal parking spaces to keep your cargo safe at night.

Oversized Machine Transport
Oversized Transport Services

Oversized Machine Transport Case Studies

IMTUSA was tasked with transporting a separation ring used on NASA space shuttle missions to separate the fuselage from the first stage of the rocket. This piece was 19' wide, taking up two full lanes on every road it travelled on. This load require meticulous planning, including a route survey to identify the best possible route, along with civilian and police escorts for traffic control. After over 1800 miles, the cargo was delivered safely and without incident, completing a critical phase of the mission.

IMT called to deliver 4x pieces that was to form the roof of a new train station in Burnaby (near Vancouver), British Columbia. Each piece was 40' long and 23' wide, making them extremely difficult to navigate around the tight streets of a large city. IMT personnel physically walked the route and coordinated with 4x pilot cars and police escorts to safely delivery each piece over the course of a week. Each piece was delivered safely and without damage, enabling construction crews to finish the project on-time.