Aerospace Logistics

Aerospace Logistics | Aircraft Component Transportation

See our Aircraft Engine Transportation page for more details on transporting jet engines. We also provide aerospace logistics for landing gear, fuselages, cowlings and a wide variety of other aircraft components.

As an aerospace logistics provider, we have custom tailored our operations, equipment and personnel to provide transport services for a variety of aircraft components.  IMTUSA will work with you every step of the way to ensure that even your most basic — and intricate — transport needs are met.

When is comes to unexpected and unscheduled AOGs, our clients know they can count on our experienced Aerospace Logistics crews to quickly and efficiently organize the safe securement and transport of their aircraft components.

Aerospace Logistics and Trucking
Aerospace Logistics

Benefits of IMTUSA’s Aerospace Logistics Solutions

  • North America-wide fleet
  • Highly-trained drivers — some of whom are former AME’s and have an average of 20 years experience
  • Experts in loading, tying down, securing and transporting jet engines and other sensitive aircraft components
  • Specialized proprietary trailers, stands and other equipment to ensure the safety of your assets
  • Knowledgeable about your specific aerospace asset’s load handling and transport requirements and maintenance cycle
  • Highly-responsive 24/7 service

IMTUSA’s operational processes and state-of-the-art transport equipment have gone through stringent testing to ensure we always adhere to strict standards of handling for your aerospace assets. Our own staff of transport experts will help your team achieve the following:

  • Quicker return to revenue by decreasing AOG times and getting you back on schedule faster.
  • Minimized air worthiness gap by increasing efficiency of transport and safety of loads.