Specialized Ground Transport Services

IMTUSA provides 24/7 emergency aircraft-on-ground (AOG) transportation services across North America. We specialize in transporting aircraft engines, landing gear, wing components and any other critical part of an aircraft that requires dedicated air-ride service. Aerospace logistics and jet engine trucking is a highly specialized task, trust your most valuable assets with IMTUSA's decades of aerospace trucking experience.

Transporting a helicopter via truck can offer significant cost savings and maximize your productive flying hours. We use helicopter-specific trailers to accommodate a variety of helicopter sizes and minimize the risk of damage to the aircraft. Transporting a helicopter on the ground requires an extreme attention to detail along with proper equipment and procedures. IMTUSA drivers set the standard for helicopter shipping in North America.

Oversized machinery transportation requires experience, attention to detail and most importantly a commitment to safety. IMTUSA specializes in moving large, oversized and otherwise sensitive machinery for a variety of industries. Our team of experienced drivers have transporting everything from sensitive MRI magnets to massive water treatment systems. Click here to learn more about our machinery transportation services.

Industries we serve

International Machine Transport USA provides specialty transport services to a wide cross-section of industries. Some of our major industry sectors include:

  • Aerospace – fixed and rotary wing

    Aerospace – fixed and rotary wing

  • Satellites and components

    Satellites and components

  • Medical Technology

    Medical Technology

  • Pulp & Paper

    Pulp & Paper

  • Mining & Energy

    Mining & Energy

  • Construction


  • Marine



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