Machinery Transportation

Machinery Transportation & Logistics

Companies across North America trust IMTUSA to transport their oversized, fragile and otherwise sensitive machinery safely and efficiently. Our specialized machinery transportation vehicles feature the right structural requirements and support systems for your over-dimensional loads and our highly experienced team of drivers and logistics crews are fully committed to maintaining the same level of care that you use when dealing with your most valuable assets.<

p>IMTUSA  provides a proven machinery transportation service for over-dimensional and non-reducible overweight loads. Oversized loads require planning, strategy and attention to detail. Often we will arrange an on-site meeting to plan and engineer a custom solution for over-height, over-width or over-weight loads. Long before the shipment is loaded onto the truck, we have established routing, travel requests and dimension verification to ensure your high-value cargo gets there smoothly and without incident.

Marine Machinery Transportation
Sensitive Machinery Transportation

Sensitive Machinery Transportation

IMTUSA is knowledgeable and experienced in the special care of products that are highly fragile, lack structural support or are extremely sensitive to movement. Some examples of sensitive machinery freight include

  • Robotics - CNC Machines
  • Partially dissembled machinery
  • MRI Magnets and components
  • Computerized components
  • Satellites and components

IMTUSA provides a proven machinery transportation services for a variety of industries. We have moved everything from MRI magnets in our enclosed curtain-side trailers, to massive rings for a NASA space shuttle. No matter the size, every machine we transport is loaded with advanced safety precautions to ensure your critical cargo is delivered on-time and in one piece! Contact IMT today to discuss your machinery transportation needs!