• How to Transport a Black Hawk on the Road

    How to Transport a Black Hawk on the RoadHow to Transport a Black Hawk on the Road

    The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is a medium lift aircraft that was selected by the U.S army to begin replacing its fleet of UH-1 Iroquois (Hueys) in 1979. The Black Hawk is used in military and commercial applications around the world. But when they aren’t flying in critical missions, we wanted to explain a little […]

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  • The Best Places to Drive in North America

    Best Places to Drive in North America

    Truck drivers, especially long haul drivers, have the unique opportunity to visit almost every part of North America throughout their careers. Name a city and they will tell you the shortest route and where to stop for the best burger. Company President Mark Sorrey has the freaky ability of calculating the miles between two cities […]

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  • Cross-Border Shipments

    Cross Border Shipments

    Anyone who has ever crossed an international boundary knows that it can be a challenge just getting yourself into the country, let alone a full truckload of cargo. It can also be very simple and straight forward. Having proper documentation and abiding by the laws of the country you are exporting items to, are the […]

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  • HAI Show 2015

    IMTUSA had the pleasure of exhibiting at this year’s HAI Heli-Expo a few weeks ago. It was quite the experience and as a first time exhibitor we decided to go big with a full-sized semi-truck and our enclosed Helicopter Transport Trailer in the static display section. In addition to the multitude of industry veterans that […]

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  • S-92 Helicopter Ground Transport

    S-92 Helicopter Ground Transport

    Helicopter Ground Transport Recently IMTUSA was tasked with the ground transport of two Sikorsky S-92 helicopters along the coast of Florida. This type of helicopter ground transport required a team approach due to the numerous challenges involved. The S-92 is an extremely large helicopter and one of the largest aircraft that can be transported over […]

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  • 11 Huey Helicopters on the Road

    Helicopters on the road

    International Machine Transport USA was happy to work with DynCorp International to transport 11 Huey helicopters on the road. Six aircraft were transported from Huntsville, AL to Elberta, AL. Five were moved over a short distance from Pensacola, FL to Elberta, AL.     The first 6 were the UH-1H Huey models, the five moved […]

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  • IMTUSA New Location

    IMTUSA will be opening its newest office in Dallas, TX. We are scheduled to open the office in the beginning of January, 2015. In order to commemorate the opening of our new office we have decided to go with a new look and feel for IMTUSA. The only key differences between IMT and IMTUSA will […]

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  • Why are Airline Tickets So Expensive?

    You may have wondered this yourself, why do I have to pay so much just to fly across a country? With the level of technology available to us today why are we subject to such high prices? As a supplier of transport services to the aerospace industry, and because (ironically) we end up flying many […]

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  • Firefighters Without Borders

    Recently IMT had the privilege of working with Firefighters Without Borders (FWB) Canada, which is a registered charity operating out of British Columbia. FWB offers support to emergency service organizations in countries with a demonstrated need. Most often these are developing countries without the proper infrastructure necessary to respond to the fallout from volcanoes, earthquakes, […]

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  • Texas Aerospace

    Super Puma loading in the Houston dock

    We are unsure if everything is bigger in Texas, however one thing is certain, Texas Aerospace is massive and only getting bigger. Texas is one of the most important locations for the global aerospace and aviation industry. It is home to the world-famous Johnson Space Center and two of the world’s busiest airports. The Texas […]

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