The Preferred Partner In Aviation Logistics & Other Specialty Trucking

IMTUSA was established as a sister company to IMT (Canadian division). IMTUSA is owned and operated in the US and we are proud to employ some of the most skilled US drivers in the industry. Based out of Dallas, TX, IMTUSA specializes in transporting high value aerospace components such as jet engines and helicopters. In addition we are honoured to serve the US military transporting critical aircraft and components.

IMTUSA staffs only the best drivers and logistics teams and prides itself in providing its customers with only the highest quality technical and customer service through is participation in these key security clearance programs. We are one of the few carriers in North America that has specifically tailored its operations, equipment and personnel to service clients in the Aerospace Industry and clients that require specialty handling services for high value cargo. 

IMT Specialty Machine Transport
IMT Equipment


IMTUSA works with a trailer designer to custom design equipment for specific industries. In addition to our boosters, jeeps and custom load-securement equipment, IMTUSA utilizes the following trailer types:

  • Step deck
  • Flat deck
  • Double drop
  • Expandable trailers
  • Custom heated mill roll trailers
  • Step Deck Helicopter Trailers
  • Low Profile Helicopter Trailers

Our custom-designed Helicopter Trailers have been modified with spaces for the landing gear, to provide a secure helicopter transportation with zero stress on sensitive components.