Helicopter Ground Shipping and Transportation

Helicopter Ground Shipping and Transport Solutions

IMTUSA’s ability to seamlessly integrate into our customer’s helicopter maintenance schedules has solidified our position as one of the premier helicopter ground shipping and transport companies in North America. Whether you’re looking to haul your helicopters to and from the repair facility or you want to transport it from one cross-country location to another, IMTUSA will safely and efficiently convey your most valuable assets to minimize component wear times and maximize your crew’s productivity.

IMT has provided helicopter ground shipping and transport solutions for over 20 years. Our drivers have extensive experience handling all types of civilian and military aircraft. Contact us with your make and model, and we will advise the best way to transport your aircraft.

Helicopter Shipping and Transportation

Helicopter Shipping Expertise

Helicopter shipping is a highly specialized task that we would not recommend leaving in the hands of a general freight carrier. IMTUSA’s drivers have been trained by our in-house AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) in the proper handling and securing of all sizes of helicopters. Our helicopter shipping experts are relied upon by OEM’s, Operators and MRO facilities for advice on how to transport everything from a Bell 47 to a Sikorsky S-92 or a CH-47 Chinook

IMTUSA utilizes custom built landing gear stands for all oversized helicopters, in order to ensure zero stress on sensitive components during transit. We provide helicopter ground shipping services all over North America and our completely enclosed Helicopter Transport Trailers protect your medium to small sized aircraft from weather and road debris.

Benefits of IMTUSA's Helicopter Ground Shipping Services

  • Extended productive flying time
  • No pilot fees for relocations
  • Component time reduction
  • Capital preservation
  • Highly-trained drivers with an average 20 years’ experience
  • Specialized equipment, including enclosed Heli-Trailers with custom built helicopter stands

Helicopter Ground Shipping and Transport