Firefighters Without Borders

  • Firefighters Without Borders

    Recently IMT had the privilege of working with Firefighters Without Borders (FWB) Canada, which is a registered charity operating out of British Columbia.

    FWB offers support to emergency service organizations in countries with a demonstrated need. Most often these are developing countries without the proper infrastructure necessary to respond to the fallout from volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, etc. These countries have high population densities and little ability to save lives when minutes and hours count.

    The mission of FWB Canada is to assist emergency services agencies of impoverished nations and improve their ability to offer a high level of emergency services and care to their communities. The designated purposes of FWB Canada are:

    • To deliver aid in the form of equipment, training and/or financial support to fire departments, emergency services organizations, and fire fighters in countries or regions that have a demonstrated need.
    • To foster relationships with fire service organizations in other geographical regions of the world.
    • To promote public awareness of the need for assistance in other geographical areas of the world with regards to emergency services.
    • To develop relationships with other fire service organizations currently delivering aid to various geographical regions of the world.

    Firefighting equipment is donated from fire departments all over Canada. Recently, IMT had the opportunity to carry 3 of FWB’s fire trucks from Edmonton, AB to Vancouver, BC. See gallery below for pictures of these trucks on the move.

    IMT is proud to continue our support of firefighting operations throughout North America by delivering critical equipment to ensure fire suppression aircraft remain in the air and doing their job.

    If you are interested in learning more about Firefighters without borders or you would like to get involved in a great cause, check out their website at

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