The Extra Mile

  • The Extra Mile

    You hear the cliché often: “We go the extra mile for our customers.” For a trucking company it can be meant both literally and figuratively.

    Clichés aside, what does that really mean? The extra mile could be as simple as providing a high level of service to your customers, at IMT we prefer to quantify the “extra mile” with a number of “intangibles” that in a way become very tangible to our clients.

    Long-term relationships – At IMT, we aren’t scared of commitment. In fact, our company was built on a small number of clients that have been with us for over two decades. We seek to understand our client’s operations on an intimate level, it is the only way we can seamlessly integrate within their schedule and provide a level of service you would expect from a family member.

    Up-to-the minute alerts – Some of our client operate under extremely time-sensitive conditions. In the case of an AOG (aircraft-on-ground) event, every hour counts. IMT monitors its trucks via GPS and is able to provide real-time updates for these critical shipments.

    Driver Turnover – IMT’s driver turnover rate is 4% for the past 20 years. The average trucking company will experience a 50% or higher turnover rate per year. Long-term drivers are critically important to the success of any trucking operation. Drivers are the face of our company, and being able to build relationship over many years with certain customers enables them to provide a higher level of service.

    Experience & Expertise – This might seem like an obvious value offering that many companies have, but few companies can say that all of their drivers have an average of 20+ years’ experience transporting high-value and sensitive machinery. To supplement our driver experience, we hire experts such as our in-house AME (aircraft maintenance engineer) to ensure our equipment and operations provide the highest level of service to our Aerospace clients.

    Family owned and operated – Our goal is to make our clients feel like they are part of the IMT family. IMT has established a number of core values that drive every interaction with our clients, employees and suppliers:

    • Thoughtfulness
    • Gratitude
    • Selflessness
    • Humility

    Going the “extra mile” for your clients is a good idea in theory, but rarely comes to fruition in the day-to-day operations of some companies.

    IMT strives to always provide a higher level of service than people have come to expect from the trucking industry, whether that means providing the intangibles listed above, or accommodating a special request that may not be financially in the best interests of the company.

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