The Best Places to Drive in North America

Best Places to Drive in North America

Truck drivers, especially long haul drivers, have the unique opportunity to visit almost every part of North America throughout their careers. Name a city and they will tell you the shortest route and where to stop for the best burger. Company President Mark Sorrey has the freaky ability of calculating the miles between two cities without the benefit of Google Maps or another similar tool. More than once we have checked his estimate and he is within 5 miles of the exact distance. Which is even more impressive when you consider that he is calculating the distance assuming ground travel, which is never in a straight line. The benefit of a few million miles behind the wheel of a big rig I guess.

Drawing on our drivers experiences, we wanted to compile a short list of some the best places to drive through in North America. (*This is not a comprehensive list and is based on various opinions)

Moab, Utah

Or really any place in the 4 Corners of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Ancient waterways have carved out beautiful canyons and rocky outcrops that cover the landscape. Our drivers reported the scenery is amazing to drive through and if you ever watched Saturday morning cartoons it may remind you of some Roadrunner episodes.

Moab, Utah

Kansas (summertime)

Kansas in the summertime is a treat to drive through due to the sunflowers in full bloom. There are millions of them for miles and miles as you travel through this state.


New England (autumn)

Anyone from New England knows that the fall is when the leaves change color and the tourists come out. It’s understandable considering the range of colors visible in the forests during this time of year. Our drivers mentioned that although the tourists are entertaining, the amazing display of colors in the trees is the main attraction.

New England


Louisiana in the morning is fantastic to drive through, especially if you are near the coast. The fog rolls in and blankets huge trees covered in moss for a spectacular affect. If you are travelling on the i10, there are bridge sections as long as 26 miles that take you over and through many amazing bayous. It is definitely an interesting stretch of highway unique to this state.


The Rocky Mountains

This mountain range extends from British Columbia and Alberta to as far south as New Mexico. The amazing scenery is found in almost all parts of the mountain range. In British Columbia, the main route across Canada takes you through the Rockies and the views along the way are what you would see on post cards. Massive mountain peaks tower above you with snow and beside the road you will see endless forests, natural waterfalls, lakes, rivers and wildlife. Although any mountain road is dangerous, we highly recommend the drive.

Rocky Mountains

You may have noticed that we didn’t mention any major cities in our list, such as New York, Miami or Los Angeles. The reason is most of our drivers are heading to and from airports or sea ports and a major city just means more traffic to deal with. Nothing is better than being out on the open road and soaking in the natural beauty that is most often not available in the city.