Custom Helicopter Transport Trailers


International Machine Transport USA was one of the first carriers to incorporate the roll-tite (conestoga, curtain side) trailer to ship helicopters via ground in a completely enclosed environment. This revolutionary system has been adopted over the years and can be seen transporting helicopters all over North America.


This technology has since been upgraded, IMTUSA now uses custom-designed Helicopter Transport Trailers that incorporated the retractable tarp system. These trailers feature built-in cradles that fit a variety of helicopter landing gear configurations, as well as attachments for storing blades and other removable components.


Step Deck Helicopter Transport Trailer


Helicopter Transport Trailer

The step deck version of our Helicopter Transport Trailer is perfect for a variety of small or low-profile rotary-wing aircraft, including:


  • Sikorsky S-76
  • Small Bells: 206 series, 407, 427
  • AS 350, 365 Dolphin, 355 TwinStar
  • MD 500, 600, 520N


The step deck Helicopter Trailer provides a secure and sheltered method of transport for your high-value assets. The completely enclosed tarp system never touches the aircraft and the aircraft is secured utilizing our custom-designed landing gear cradles that ensure zero stress on sensitive components.


Low Profile Helicopter Transport Trailer

Helicopter Transport Trailer


The low profile Helicopter Transport Trailer is designed to transport all of the aircraft capable of fitting inside the step deck version, along with:


  • Bell Mediums: 212, 214, 204, 205, 412
  • Robinson Helicopters
  • AW 109, 119
  • MD 900


The low profile Helicopter Trailer is capable of transporting all of the helicopters mentioned above with mast and rotor head still attached, saving you a significant amount of time and money in disassembly and assembly.


Oversized Helicopter Transport Trailer


Some helicopters are too large to fit inside of an enclosed Helicopter Trailer, for large aircraft such as the: S-61, S-92, AW 139, Bell 525, we use either an expandable low bed trailer or a regular open deck trailer.


IMTUSA utilizes custom manufactured landing gear cradles to secure aircraft that overhang the standard 8.5’ wide deck. The expandable low bed version allows us to transport aircraft that are over width, height and length, requiring special permits and routing.