S-92 Helicopter Ground Transport

S-92 Helicopter Ground Transport

Helicopter Ground Transport

Recently IMTUSA was tasked with the ground transport of two Sikorsky S-92 helicopters along the coast of Florida. This type of helicopter ground transport required a team approach due to the numerous challenges involved.

The S-92 is an extremely large helicopter and one of the largest aircraft that can be transported over the road without significant dismantling. This aircraft is 56’ from nose to tail and 15’ 5” from the landing gear to the top of the rotor head. Adding to the challenge is this aircraft is 13’ wide, whereas a typical transport trailer is only 8.5’ wide.

The S-92 helicopter ground transport project started with a route survey and oversize permits being issued by the state of Florida. Along with the hiring of a pilot car team to guide the shipment through low over passes and other infrastructure.

After loading 1st S-92 helicopter on our expandable low-bed trailer in Jacksonville we began the short 180 mile trip down to Melbourne, FL. In order to accomplish this type of helicopter ground transport, IMTUSA utilized its custom made S-92 rear landing gear stand along with a universal nose gear stand designed to work with a number of large helicopters.

Each helicopter ground transport project took one day to accomplish, with both aircraft delivered safe and sound to their owner.

IMTUSA is always excited to move such large aircraft as they present a number of challenges to overcome. One of which is always other drivers on the road that are usually surprised to see a full-sized helicopter rolling down the highway beside them. With an over width helicopter ground transport project such as this, it is important that the pilot car team along with the driver coordinate effectively to ensure the safety of the cargo at all times.

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