International Machine Transport USA provides ground support services for a variety of aircraft types. Military aircraft ground transportation requires a high degree of safety and security, especially when dealing with operational weapon systems.
IMTUSA has developed custom securement systems for a variety of military helicopters, including:
• UH-60 Black Hawk
• UH-1H Huey (and all variants)
• AH-60 Cobra
• Troop transport or cargo rotorcraft (S-92, S-61, CH47 Chinook)
With our UH-60 landing gear and blade box support system, we are capable of transporting an entire Black Hawk including blades and horizontal stabilizer on one trailer. This system was built to US military specifications for transporting a Black Hawk on the ground via truck and trailer.

Military Aircraft Ground Transportation

Custom blade box and landing gear support system for the UH-60


IMTUSA uses advanced C-TPAT procedures when shipping experimental, military or otherwise sensitive rotary-wing aircraft. All drivers follow strict cargo security procedures when transporting valuable aircraft.
In addition to working with military contractors and providing ground support services for aircraft returning from overseas deployment, IMTUSA works with a number of commercial entities that purchase military aircraft and convert them for other uses. The US government auctions off surplus military aircraft that can be repurposed and used for fire suppression, long line work and charter services.
If you are purchasing a military aircraft for civilian use we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our advanced military aircraft ground transportation procedures.