Jet Engine Transportation


IMTUSA’s knowledge of various engine types and sizes enables us to identify and work with the characteristics of every type of jet engine transportation. The result is safe and secure transport of the aircraft engine with minimal loading time and maximum attention to detail. Jet engine transportation and aircraft component logistics is a specialized task that requires years of experience and expertise to ensure zero stress on the sensitive cargo.


IMTUSA has successfully completed over 12,000 aircraft engine shipments to all corners of North America. We have developed a proprietary Standard Operating Procedure  based on OEM securement guidelines, along with our own requirements developed over decades of jet engine transportation experience. IMTUSA drivers must complete our Aircraft Engine Handling Course which comprises of three modules:


  1. Classroom theory and training
  2. Field training – drivers must complete the jet engine loading and securement procedure under supervision
  3. Final exam – drivers must score 100% on the exam to pass the course


Fitted tarps and protective padding delivers maximum protection against weather and road debris. This end-to-end care, plus our in-depth knowledge of load securement procedures, means your serviceable engines can be put into use immediately after transportation.


There are numerous risks involved with jet engine transportation and aircraft component logistics. Aircraft engines are subject to extreme tolerances and regulations. IMTUSA eliminates the risk of damage by using state-of-the-art protective equipment and load securement knowledge that can only come from decades of experience with high-value shipments.


Aircraft Component Transportation and Logistics

Our familiarity with aircraft components such as landing gear, reverse thrusters, wing components, ground support equipment, etc enables IMTUSA to provide handling and load securement procedures specific to each type of component. The result is complete care of all aircraft parts from pick-up to delivery.


IMTUSA’s just-in-time delivery service ensures that your aircraft parts and components will meet narrow maintenance windows. In addition, we have extensive experience loading and securing in-flight training equipment and will deliver them on time to comply with training schedules.


Learn how you can enjoy shorter crew wait times while focusing more on your core business. Speak to an IMTUSA aerospace transport expert today! Call our AOG Desk toll free at 1-800-665-7077 or fill out an Estimate Request.