1930 Cadillac Ambulance

1930 Cadillac Ambulance

IMT learned one of its customers had purchased a truly unique vintage automobile. A 1930 Cadillac Ambulance with a V16 engine was put up for auction in January of 2013.


For the full story on how the vehicle was found and its history, please click here.


IMT’s involvement started in February of 2014 when a routine email and phone call to one of our helicopter prospects uncovered the need to transport a 1930 Cadillac ambulance that was located in Mesa, AZ.


Our client had experienced difficulties with the storage of the vehicle, including a failed transport attempt by another party down in Arizona. There was some major concern over the state of this vintage classic for several weeks.


After several attempts to arrange a pick-up, the stars aligned and IMT was able to load the Caddy onto a flat deck trailer. With temperatures north of 115°F (46°C) in direct sunlight down in Arizona, the 1930 ambulance was carefully loaded and secured for transport.


The drive north through the US went smoothly and without incident, the only challenge was crossing the border. Importing a used vehicle from the US presents several challenges from both US and Canadian customs, including providing 72 hours’ notice of the border crossing.


After 5 hours at the border and an extremely thorough inspection, the Cadillac made it across to IMT’s head office and yard located in Abbotsford, BC.


The final destination was wine country in BC’s Okanagan Valley. After over a year of headaches our client was all smiles when he saw his beautiful 1930 Cadillac Ambulance roll up, home at last.


See below for a full gallery of this amazing car, truly one of the more unique loads IMT has ever carried.