HAI Show 2015

IMTUSA had the pleasure of exhibiting at this year’s HAI Heli-Expo a few weeks ago. It was quite the experience and as a first time exhibitor we decided to go big with a full-sized semi-truck and our enclosed Helicopter Transport Trailer in the static display section.

In addition to the multitude of industry veterans that were kind enough to stop by and discuss our operations and how we are able to transport helicopters, we also met a variety of fellow helicopter enthusiasts. These ranged from private aircraft owners to people that saw there was a show at the convention center and decided to stop by.

Based on our experiences this year we have definitely learned a lot and have a few things to keep in mind for next year:

More pens – there is no such thing as too much swag and it takes large volumes of trinkets to satisfy the masses
Less candy – who would have thought 6 lbs of caramel candy was too much?
Request a booth closer to Vertical Magazine – for the very important sales meetings that happen at 3pm each day.
Make every destination route through Sikorsky’s booth – seriously they must have had 4 inches of padding underneath their carpet, it was like walking on a cloud.
Beanbag chairs instead of couches – because you really have to commit to a beanbag chair and it would be interesting to see people who want to take a rest at your booth try and get in and out of one of those.

It was amazing to see the newest innovations introduced to the industry at the show, from new concept helicopters to the latest in safety equipment there was something for everyone. See below for a gallery of cool aircraft we found at the show, along with some of our booth and static display.